FLIP Processes

If you become part of FLIP, there are several steps you move through.

FLIP starts with a six week induction, where you are assessed for the most appropriate intervention pathway for your individual situation. At the end of this process, you may be referred to another agency better equipped to deal with your individual growth, or you may continue with the FLIP program to help you deal with issues of health, routines or well-being which have previously stopped you from engaging with the mainstream education process.

Potential pathways include:

  • return to school
  • continuing with mentoring in FLIP
  • blended programme between FLIP and your school
  • exit to another school
  • employment programme
  • other educational support programmes such as Flexibles

During the induction period, FLIP will ensure you have all required equipment, you will meet your mentor, complete an individual learning plan and are shown how to use the technology. You will be closely monitored and will be expected to work for around 4 hours each school day.