Where is FLIP located?

As it is an online program, the majority of FLIP students work from home. Some elect to work from a local library, or even come in to school to work.

You will however, be expected to attend your Home School for regular meetings with your mentor or counsellor. This may be negotiable on a case by case basis.


Time commitment expected?

You will be expected to complete four hours work per day on the Google Classroom (GoogleDrive) five days per week during school term. You will be expected to attend school for two sessions of around an hour each week to catch up with your mentor, or to see the counsellor.


When can I start?

FLIP accepts enrollments anytime of the year, but there must be a space available. Numbers are limited by staffing, which is determined at the end of the previous year.


How long does the course go for and what do I get at the end (qualifications)?

The first enrollment is to establish your capacity to re-engage with a school or vocational pathway. The second part of your enrollment will focus on delivering you to a pathway that will be successful. There are plenty of options, we just have to find the right one. Generally, this takes between one term (ten weeks) or one semester (six months). You are not assessed during this time, so there is no qualification, but the pathway will be negotiated moving forward.


How many people will be in a class with me?

As this is an online program you will study from home, you will not have any class members, but may be required to attend a regular ‘face to face’ with other FLIP students to expose you to the socialisation side of learning.


Bullying policy and expected behavior?

You would be expected to adhere to your home school bullying policies. All students of FLIP will also undertake an online Cyber Bullying safety course prior to getting started.


Supports available to me (e.g. disability, struggling with work, trouble at home)?

The main contact with your mentors is through the FLIP portal, where you will have access to quizzes, videos and other content through Google Classroom, Google Drive, GoogleMail and ProProfs quiz software. 

You will meet with your Learning Mentors to negotiate your personalized learning plans at the start of each semester and you will also have a weekly opportunity for face-to-face tutoring.

Despite the fact that you will not attend the school daily, you will still have access to all the usual school supports. You will also have ongoing tech support. It may be possible to engage in some school programs such as sport or music programs, and there is the opportunity for a blended program.


How much will it cost?

There is no cost to the individual as your Home School covers all expenses.

So, which school am I attending?

FLIP is run by your Home School, who will provide you with additional services, such as MIPS and counseling, and are best placed to find other local health, educational or employment experience locally.


Where can I get more information?

As all applications must come through a Home School, ask your Year Level Coordinator if FLIP is available at your school. If it's not, give them the address for our website and get them to contact us on your behalf.